Spark Statements

星火宣言就像一份使命宣言——一份点燃你在工作中、在你的社区中、在你的世界中行善、发光的宣言。It’s an expression of your purpose and an affirmation of how you want to move in the world.

a hand holding a sparkler


I believe in the interconnectedness of all who inhabit our planet.

I engage in the relentless pursuit of real, uncontrived beauty, in every form.

I illustrate that beauty is everywhere, even (and sometimes especially) in the most unlikely places.


I convince the skeptical of their uncommon beauty, and I create tools to help the weary see the inherent power they hold in their own lives.


Do you have a Spark Statement?

InThe Lightmaker’s Manifesto, I share step-by-step how to create your own Spark Statement, and below are some of the amazing declarations folks have shared. I love reading and being inspired by each of them.

Do you have a Spark Statement? Use the statements below as inspiration, and then click the button to submit your Spark Statement, below!

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