for the love of travel: make light season 5, episode 9

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If there’s one thing that I hold has a high priority for my life and my family, it’s travel. As a multiracial, multinational family, this really isn’t that surprising: both my husband and I are immigrants to the United States, and it’s important to us that our daughter sees the world. It’s important she understands how her life is different from the lives of people in other countries – and more importantly, how it’s the same.

So it’s no wonder I’ve been a fan of the travel writing of my friend, Pam Mandel, for years. Unlike many travel writers, who share only the brightest and sexiest and most luxurious of travel destinations, Pam often writes about the connections. The wonder. How her life is different from the people she meets – and more importantly, how it’s the same. I was thrilled to invite her on the show. And I was also somewhat surprised that in some cases, her thoughts on travel differ from mine.

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