this was a good week

This was a good week!Here’s some good stuff that’s happened":

• I broke my toe during Christmas week (long story) and today,I wore real shoes for the first time without discomfort(过)!Also,I got to take a photograph of my favourite person today. So that’s good.

This video of an optical illusion blew my mind. Watch and see!

• Also on Kottke,love this photographer’s project of doppelgängers.

• Want a recipe for adorable Valentine’s Day cookies?I got you.

• I’m thinking of polishing off my SCUBA certification this year, sothe winners of this underwater photography contest are confirming this is a good way to go.

• And for this week’s soundtrack, I love the songTe Queriaby Lido Pimienta. Perfect weekend vibe. Click the image below to watch and listen.

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And on that tropical vibe, have a great weekend, friends.