woods high school, class of 2022!



The last month has been a whirlwind in these parts, but as of yesterday,Alex is now officially a graduate of Woods High School, the secondary school part ofSchool of the Woods从幼儿园到12年级的蒙台梭利课程就在休斯顿!Alex从二年级开始就在这所学校上学,Marcus和我经常说让她来这所学校读书是我们做过的最好的育儿决定。她的班级只有21名学生,每一年他们都变得更加亲密,互相照顾,我从来没有见过这样的一群孩子。学术研究也很严谨:例如,作为期末项目,每个学生要花一年的时间,根据自己选择的主题写论文,然后做口头报告。(Alex’s was entitled,“Posters for the People: How Graphic Design Impacts Activism and Social Justice你可以想象,对于一个即将去平面设计学校学习的激进分子来说,这是一个非常棒的话题!)


Alex had a few friends over to get ready for prom. Canapés and sparkling cider flowed.

These young women, yo. They’re going to change the word for the better, watch.

The fact that the Starbucks logo is bigger than the photo of Marcus and me is actually not that surprising.


And now that all the fanfare is over, we’re settling in for some good rest and concentrated family time, to celebrate each other. Big changes are ahead for the three of us — and we’re allsoexcited about what’s to come.

Song: Tongue-tied by Grouplove. Alex played this on her stereo as she drove away from school for the last time.