time to make some light

Three important things to say today, friends:

  1. As a hurricane survivor myself, you’ll be unsurprised to know that I’ve been watching Hurricane Ida make landfall in Louisiana with a certain degree of horror. And while I’m sure enduring the storm was terrifying, the truth is that the real challenges for the citizens of Louisiana begin now: dealing with loss and power outages and rebuilding and everything that comes in the aftermath of a natural disaster. To this end, if you can help, please do:here are some ways to help right now. (For what it’s worth, I’m particularly fond of theCajun Navy— this relief organization out of Louisiana leapt into action during Hurricane Harvey, and crossed state lines to help bring necessities and muck out houses to those who needed help in Houston and surrounding areas, including yours truly.)

  2. I’m also deeply concerned for the people of Afghanistan. Women and girls, especially, are bearing the brunt of the violence, as the Taliban has moved back into Kabul. To help, please check outthe International Rescue Committee,whose work has always been to help refugees around the world.

  3. And finally, ifmaking the world a brighter place is something that feels rooted in your own values, I’d be honoured ifyou’d join The Lightmaker Launch Team, to help launch my new bookThe Lightmaker’s Manifesto.If you’re in the US or Canada, as part of the team, you’ll join a group of committed lightmakers in a private Facebook group, receive a lightmaking care package direct from me,anda copy ofThe Lightmaker’s Manifestodirect from the publisher, before it’s available to the public.Check out all the deets here, and if this sounds like fun, please sign up— there are still a few spots left!