this was a good week

a leather-wrapped blue journal with pencil case, origami butterflies, a lit candle and caddis readers

It’s back.For those of you who’ve followed Chookooloonks for some time, you know that for many years, Fridays were reserved for posts where I shared good things from around the internet. Confession: for the most part, I shared those as much for me as anyone else — it times when things are challenging (hello, COVID), it helps to have a good reminder that there are still joyful, beautiful, wondrous things happening around the world. But life got busy, I got distracted …

… anyway, time to bring it back, I say.

And so, my friends, this was a good week!Here’s why:

• I’ve fallen in love with my journal again. Also,origami butterflies. So much fun.

Elegant stylist, indeed. This woman’s sense of style and exuberance for colour blows my mind.

• Speaking of style,this tribute to the late icon André Leon Talley是我见过的最好的。

Archeologists unearthed a Roman glass bowl from 2000 years ago in perfect condition.HOW. IS. THIS. POSSIBLE?

Vasily Lukin won the coldest marathon ever, running 42 kilometers in three hours and twenty minutes, it was -53°C when he ran it, and I don’t even understand the words I’ve just typed.

• So let’s warm up:my sweet friend Steve shared his dad’s Trinidadian curry shrimp recipe, and it looks delicious. (It’s very similar to my recipe, except I usually use sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes, and add a can of coconut milk. But same-same).

We finally have jetpacks, and we do not care.

• And finally, for this week’s soundtrack, one of my favourite songs that stays playing in my home office:Sunrise by Ruti.Click the image below to watch and listen:

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Have a great weekend, friends.