how to get a signed copy of the lightmaker's manifesto (anywhere in the world!)


Isn’t the bookstore above sweet? This isBlue Willow Bookshop,他们是我最喜欢的书店之一。自从十多年前我出版了我的第一本书以来,他们一直对我很好,他们对每一位作家朋友都很友好。这是一个收藏最有意思的书的地方,如果他们没有你要找的书,相信他们会竭尽全力以最快最快的速度把书给你。我爱他们。

And once again, they’re helping support my work.

If you’re interested in a signed copy—wherever in the world you arethen please click on this link to order(and if you’d like your copy personalized, simply add the name in the comments section). I’m headed over there to sign books mid-October — so if you order before, say October 13th, you’ll be in the first wave of books to be sent out.

Isn’t that lovely?


And in more good news: Blue Willow will be hosting a virtual launch event forThe Lightmaker’s Manifestoon November 2nd (Election Day!). We’re finalizing all the details, so stay tuned to learn more.I cannot wait.

More very soon!