hello. hi. how ya doin'?

Something most people get wrong about me is that most folks believe me to be an extravert, and nothing could be farther from the truth. I’mdeeplyintroverted — possibly one of the most introverted people you’ve ever come across. To be clear: I’m not shy — I’m comfortable speaking on stages, I can hold my own at dinner parties — but afterwards, I needextendedtime by myself. Ilovea solo vacation. I’ve been training for coronavirus lockdowns all my life, is what I’m saying.

Since we’ve last connected here, I’ve launched my second book,The Lightmaker’s Manifesto.Thank you so much to all of you who’ve purchased a copy. Book sales have exceeded expectations, and my publisher, Broadleaf Books, is over the moon. I’ve donelaunch events, and book club meetings, and media appearances, and even had the distinct honour ofappearing on my friend Brené Brown’s podcast.Twice. I’m living for seeing images of folksannotating,traveling withand dog-earing the book as they go through it. (Seriously, they give me incredible joy. Keep ‘em comin’, my friends.).

So it’s been an exceedingly joyful time. And it’s been an exceedingly public time. Which is why, I think, I’ve been so quiet here — I needed my downtime over the last month to be quiet. And still.

It needed to be cups of tea with Marcus in the evenings on our front porch. And watching our Christmas lights automatically turn on in our front garden.

And delighting in decorating our home for Christmas. And listening to holiday music.

So forgive my absence, friends, and thanks for your patience. Slowly, slowly, I’ll be back here, as we wind down our year. Despite my silence, know that I’ve missed you. And I’m so grateful to you.

How are you, friends?