Is it a sign?

I’m in the middle of writing a chapter on spirituality and sabbatical, and on Tuesday I thought to myself, “I shouldn’t just write about sabbaticals — I shouldtakeone.”

Somewhere in my mental Rolodex, I remembered reading aboutGetaway, “modern cabins in the woods,” and that one of their nationwide locations was just outside Houston. Their midweek prices were so reasonable, that I booked two nights for a little solo retreat, and on Wednesday I was driving out of town with a stack of books, my journal, my camera, and a cooler full of food.

They’re called “modern cabins,” but honestly, it felt more like a hotel room in the woods. Just what I needed to cap off four weeks of writing, before returning to my usual routine next week.

My cabin for two days, named “Ramon” (Getaway named it, I didn’t.). Ramon took good care of me.

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