a practice of joy

Today’s joy is the redbuds — they’re blooming. A sign of spring.

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting with my friend Brené Brown on her podcast to discuss why I'm adamant about celebrating good things in my life, even when world news is hard.You can listen to the episode here.Our conversation reminded me of the following quote from Will Durant:

“Perhaps the cause of our contemporary pessimism is our tendency to view history as a turbulent stream of conflicts – between individuals in economic life, between groups in politics, between creeds in religion, between states in war. This is the more dramatic side of history; it captures the eye of the historian and the interest of the reader. But if we turn from that Mississippi of strife, hot with hate and dark with blood, to look upon the banks of the stream, we find quieter but more inspiring scenes: women rearing children, men building homes, peasants drawing food from the soil, artisans making the conveniences of life, statesmen sometimes organizing peace instead of war, teachers forming savages into citizens, musicians taming our hearts with harmony and rhythm, scientists patiently accumulating knowledge, philosophers groping for truth, saints suggesting the wisdom of love. History has been too often a picture of the bloody stream. The history of civilization is a record of what happened on the banks.”

Here’s to the banks, my friends.